söndag 18 november 2018

A change of air

"Smile! One more for the readers!", the photographer said and snapped a last picture. "Excellent".
The journalist next to him went through his notes, still disbelieving the whole story. "Tell me again, in short this time, what happened up there".
 The girl in the captains chair made a low sigh, still unaccustomed to the whole situation. "Alright. It was like this...."


 "This is Captain Andrews speaking. Buckle up. It looks like we will hit some turbulence up ahead. Nothing serious but it will be a slightly bumpy ride".
Nick Andrews turned off the microphone and focused on the task at hand.

"Whoa. Pretty", his first officer said from the seat next to him. And Nick agreed. It was like flying through a palette of colors that became inceasingly more vivid for every second. Not to forgetting that the turbulence was becoming worser as well.

"What is that?", Nick heard his first officer say, snapping him out of the mezmerised state he had been in.
He barely had time to react before a giant ball of energy hit them.

"What...what happened?" Nick moved away hair that obscured his vision. He recognized where he was. He was in the passenger cabin of his own aircraft.
People all around him began to scream in their seats. It was utter chaos. At the same time he noticed that the nose of the aircraft was pitching down into a shallow dive. Someone wasn´t controlling the aircraft!

When scrambling towards the cockpit he discovered that he wasn´t himself anymore. He wasn´t even a he. But that was a problem for later on. Now he had to save the aircraft, crew and passengers.

 After furiously knocking on the door to the cockpit his old body opened up, with an bewildered look on his face. "I-I... have no idea...", he stammered.
"Get out of my way!", Nick bellowed, or at least tried to bellow with his much higher voice, and pushed his old body away.


".....then I steered the aircraft back to safety and the rest do you know".

There was an awkward silence betwen them.
Nick thought the journalist still seemed skeptic. Bodyswaps high up in the air, who could blame him for thinking it sounded outrageous.

Outrageous or not, Nick had better things to do. They had found the luggage belonging to this girls body and he was dying to take a shower and shift into a different set of clothes.


lördag 17 november 2018

Step by step

It was both horrifying, exhilirating and interesting at the same time.
Watching how the the transformation slowly progressed.
How it changed his roommate from a guy to a girl.
Hearing the pleas, screams and moans.
 Seeing how his bodymass melted away and how his shape changed. Hearing how his voice became higher. His hair longer.
 It was hard to make out any details from the shadow that moved but he could see it happening.
 Mike, his roommate, had done this willingly as a favor to him.

"You have made an excellent performance Mike", James whispered to his roommate.
Mike glared at him. "Had I known it was so fricking painful I would never have done it", he growled in a hushed voice. 
"There is no way in hell it can be that important showing your ex that you date a new girl"
"It is to me. And you owed me one".
"And you owe me two. Transformation an a date. Pass the wine, will ya?"

"Ugh. My head....", Mike groaned. "Where am I?"
"Fuck", he muttered when realizing where he was. And in what form. "Thought it was just a bad dream", he muttered.

"So you finally managed to leave the bed, eh?", James said with a cocked eyebrow.
"Girl or not, I still need to finish my report", Mike responded".
"It´s still Saturday and the potion should have worn of by tomorrow"

 James heard the roar from the Mike´s room. Something had apparently went very wrong.

"So this is me for the forseeable future, I guess", Mike pondered whilst taking stock of his female body. He had of course done that before but this time it felt more tangible in a way. At the moment he had no idea when he could change back, all thanks to a bad batch of potion.

As time passed on Mike began to become more comfortable in his new body, and ardently tried to find more and more information on how to live with it.

 And then the time came when he decided to accept it fully.

Mike had been dropping hints all day to James and finally Mike felt that the time was right.
She cooed for James to come into her bedroom. Tonight was the night she would become the woman she felt like. She would truly become Michelle.



Yes Boss

"Uh, hello Boss"
"Good morning Andrew", Bryan responded to his employee as he entered his office.

Bryan could feel an awkward silence from the standing Andrew when he sat down behind his desk. He looked up. "Yes?"

Andrew had a bothered look on his face. "How much longer must I wear this female bodysuit?", he said an gestured downwards.

Bryan cracked up in a wide smile. "You lost our bet and thus will have to be my eye candy secretary for a week more. You might be my best car mechanic but a bet is a bet. One must honor them y´know".

Andrew looked defeated down to the floor: "Yes Boss", and continued with his secreterial duties.


fredag 9 november 2018

Stepping up

"Best. Idea. Ever"
"Going from living on the streets to living life in high society as a cushy housewife is one spectacular trip on the social ladder, and all I needed was a little help from the Medallion of Zulo", Sam said with a smug satisfaction on his face.
He chuckled. "The look on the bitch Cassandra´s face when she understood that her future involved sleeping on park benches and beg for money was priceless. She deserved it". Sam´s expression shifted to become more determined. "I might live as her but I will not live like her. No more lavish trips abroad (much). No more spending money on expensive cars just because the paint bores me. No more buying jewellry just to outdo the other vain people around me.
No. I will devote more of my time to help out those on the lower brackets of life.
He leaned back into the small sofa. "But I do intend to live this one to the best of my ability", he said with a soft grin on his lips.


POV: Food

Being a woman do have its perks but having to restrict what you are eating, to keep yourself in a good shape, sucks majorly.

At least I can allow myself to gorge on fat and delicious food from time to time, instead of all those salads and chicken. Almost eating like the times when I was a guy, except for the fact that I´m looking down into my own cleavage everytime I cut my food.

Blonde beach babe bicycle body swap

"Don´t just stand there! She is running away with my body!", Owen  looked dumbstruck at the developing situation. 

A hot girl had chatted up Hank and they seemed to hit it off. Then there were this intense light betwen the both of them and they fell to the ground. The person Owen presumed was his buddy Hank woke up first, checked himself out and then began to run away with a huge grin on his face.
Just after that the girl came around, shouting a weak " Stop her", adding even more to Owens confusion. She then wobbled away to a nearby bike and began to give chase.

Owen scratched his head. "What the fuck did just happen?"

fredag 2 november 2018

Master PC: First incursion

It was hard to believe. The Master PC software actually worked! Not that he hadn´t tried it out on other people, but this was the first time he tried it out on himself and the temptation had been to great to resist. He decided to make a visit to the fairer sex, and doing it in style. Which of course meant lingerie.

His legs felt smooth and it felt weirdly pleasing sitting on his thick ass against the chair. But the most weird but pleasing feeling was when he stroked his flat crotch. He was really lookin forward to this.