lördag 1 september 2018

Titties and Beer

 "Titties and Beer? Sounds like the place for me!", a slightly tipsy Tom thought and went inside.

Well inside the dim enviroment Tom found his way to the bar disk where the bartender greeted him to his establishment.
"Welcome! What can I get ya?", he said with a broad smile.
"Uh....", Tom surveyed the drink list. The establishments own homebrew looked good and he ordered a big pint of that.
The bartender had an amused expression when he served Tom his glass.

 The surprise Tom had when he began to grow boobs quickly changed into a curious fascination. The curiousity became even greater when the rest of him transformed into a woman as well.

That was the beginning of a wild night.

fredag 31 augusti 2018

Remote: Vacuum

Kyle snickered for himself after using the remote to transform his friend into the hot teacher from history class, and programmed him to clean the house half-naked.
He bitched and moaned about it up until Kyle got fed up and programmed his friend to that he liked being a woman and that she enjoyed vacuuming.

After watching her flaunt her assets for a while Kyle got another idea. He turned the remote towards himself and transformed himself to a buff guy. It was time to her into another kind of blowjob.

torsdag 30 augusti 2018

Finding Balance

The time just after the Great Shift I was lost and had no direction. The shift into a woman was traumatic for me.
The first time I was reluctant even touching myself or acknowledging  that I had a female body. I just tried to ignore it and wait for it all to be fixed by the goverment.
Needless to say I was devastated when I was informed that there were nothing they could do to change us back.

So I kinda tilted.
I went completely the other way. My first week consisted of me in the bed with a vibrator and learning everything I could about female masturbation. When I felt that I couldn´t proceed any further on my own I began hitting the bars to bring home men.
There were no position they suggested I didn´t try. I sucked them off, got spanked, was fucked and don´t even get me started on all BDSM I was a willing participant in.

But in time I began to truly accept my situation. I was a female now and I should live like one. 
My sexual adventures was toned down quite much and I began to try Tinder and other ways of dating in an effort to find myself a partner. The months of soulless rough sex had filled me with the desire of feeling love as a woman.
And I did.

We hit it off amazingly on the first date we had and I shortly afterwards moved into his house, and now I´m pregnant with our first child!
I´ve finally found balance.


onsdag 29 augusti 2018

All ears

"Hey Greg"
"Hey buddy. How was work?"

Greg was watching TV in the couch when his flatmate Tom came home from a long days work, and he liked to take a nap to recharge his batteries.
There were a smug smile on Greg´s lips knowing what he would find on his bedsheets.
 All he needed to do now was to wait.

At first Greg heard a muffled "What the...?",  through the closed door when Tom found the bunny ears. Then he would pick them up to throw them away but finding them mezmerising. And after that his flatmate would put them on.
Greg could hear Tom´s voice going from it´s usual baritone to soft soprano when he moaned through the changes. 

He had a grin that went from ear to ear when opening Tom´s door, he could definately hear someone moving in there.
Greg flung open the door and was rewarded with the sight of an very attractive woman dancing seductively.
"Hey there handsome", she cooed with a sensual smile.
"Hey there babe", he responded with a wry smile. "Ready for having some fun?"
 She sauntered towards him with swaying hips, and the look in her eyes said: Yes!


tisdag 28 augusti 2018

Best possible moment

He stared into the mirror, seeing a stunningly beautiful woman.
 Apparently Greg had possessed Anna at the best possible time.

"Why the hell not", he figured and proceeded into the shower.
He was there to explore her body in detail anyway. 

Greg was amazed by Anna´s body on how sensual it was. It might had been his male brain inside a very female body but it felt like every move he made sent small shivers of pleasure along his spine.

The possession could only be performed once every three weeks so Greg decided to send himself a bunch of pictures to keep himself occupied with until the next time.

 He had started taking pictures from practically naked to taking pictures stark naked. The next even more alluring and sexual than the previous. Greg was really getting into it.

"Oh. Hi...honey". Greg hadn´t heard when Anna´s husband first entered the house and then their bedroom.
Her husband had a look of lust on his face. 

 For a brief moment Greg wondered what he should do...

 ...before slumping back on to the bed with a broad smile on his face.
He was there to explore her body to the fullest. What could beat experiencing her body to the fullest than getting plowed by a hard cock?

måndag 27 augusti 2018

Life in latex

"Fuckin bitch who tricked me".
Frank was trapped but furious. He thought he had been about to nail a hot babe but she trapped him inside of....something.

He felt strange. 
 The strange sensation was intensifying every minute. He felt how his body was remolded into something else.

 "What..is..this...place?!", Frank thought betwen jolts of pleasure that coarsed through his body.

 After several weeks of constant arousal Frank was beginning to give in. It was no use to fight it anymore. It was so much easier just to accecpt everything that happened to...her.

Fransesca finally had the opportunity to explore her body on her own terms.

 Caressing her flat groin...

...her big and juicy tits...
...and touching her incredible ass.

She was ready and willing to serve her new masters.
 Fransesca quickly became known as "The Slut". Even though she had tricked her prey into the transformation bed she still gave them the fuck she had lured them with.

 And more...

söndag 26 augusti 2018

Great Shift: Awkward

The dizziness left Jessie as soon as it had hit her, but something felt awfully wrong. She was in a place she didn´t recognise. From the looks of it she was in an apartment in a big city, judging from the skyline outside the windows. Her body felt all wrong and she quickly figured out she wasn´t herself anymore, but a man.


The piercing scream startled Jessie but she immediately rushed towards the sound of the screaming woman in the next room.

As soon as Jessie entered the room she saw a naked and tied up woman on a bed. She was surprised by the sight and her mouth hanged ajar.
The woman glared at her. "Well? Aren´t you gonna untie me?".
Jessie, who was still lost in the moment, needed a couple of seconds to react. "Uh. I´ll be right back".
When she came back she had a large knife in her hand. The woman understandebly looked worried for a while before Jessie began cutting the ropes.

"Thanks", the woman said and rubbed her wrists where the ropes had cut into her. "You probably won´t believe me but I´m actually a dude".
"I believe you", Jessie said with a hushed voice. "This is not who I am either".The woman who really was a man cocked an eyebrow before giving a wry smile. "I´m Pete", he/she said and stretched forward a dainty hand.
"Jessie", said and shook Pete´s outstretched hand.


The two of them slowly puzzled together the missing pieces of information. In real life Pete was twenty years older than her  seventeen, but in these bodies she apparently was three years older than his new female body. And their current bodies former owners was kinda into kinky stuff.

There had been an worldwide event that had been dubbed "The Great Shift", where roughly 90% of the worlds popualation randomly had changed bodies with each other.
They both decided to stay inside the apartment together until things had cooled down.