måndag 9 juli 2018

Reluctant mother, willing father

 "Oh yeah! Right there! Mmmmmm", the woman in heat squealed on top of the immobile man.
 She was riding his hard dick with wild abandon, lost to any sensation besides her dangling chest and the man meat sliding up and down inside of her. Her mission was to make the man cum inside of her.
There was a reason for all of this.
Pete wanted a child. His girlfriend didn´t. She said it was too early.
So instead of listening to his girlfriend he possessed her, went to his place in her body and began to fuck his own immobile body.
Even though his seed was potent he needed to repeat having sex with himself several times. Something he did with pleasure.

His girlfriend finally became pregnant and didn´t understand it until it was too late. She had to carry the baby the full term.
Pete loved this because now he could possess her when she was pregnant as well, because there were something special with having a life growing inside of you.