söndag 13 januari 2019

Medallion of Zulo: Replacement

Rick got an video chat request from an unknown source. 
"Wonder if...", he mused.
He accepted the request and on his screen the visage of Monica Sanders appeared.
"Hello handsome", she cooed and smiled into the camera.
Rick saw the medallion around her neck and figured out that Trent had been succesful.
"Hello beautiful", he responded with a charming smile.
Both of them looked at each other in a seductive way for a short while before both of them burst out laughing.

"Being a girl is funnier than I imagined!", Trent-as-Monica said. "Show some skin and cleavage, and men will throw themselves at you. Just messed with a bunch of people on Chatroulette. I made them do really silly things just by revealing some more cleavage every time they did something I asked for"
 Rick nodded. "I can imagine", he said and had himself trouble not staring at Trent´s generous cleavage.
There were a mischevious look in her eyes."Wanna come over to where she lives?", Trent-as-Monica said, biting her lip and pressing her boobs together.
Rick mouth hanged ajar, surprised and not really knowing what to do. 
She giggled. "Just come on over", she said before she disconnected.

Rick slumped back in the chair with a silly grin on his face.
"Well, a gentleman shouldn´t let a lady wait for him", he said and hasted through the door.


fredag 11 januari 2019

Costume Gun: Choices

"Brianna is really nice to wear but I´m becoming kinda curious on how it would feel to wear Christina instead"
The blonde girl in the red bathing suit giggled mischeviously. "I won´t let go off of her that easily, dude", she answered. "I feel fucking amazing in her skin".
The girl in in the white bikini pondered on something for a couple of seconds. "How about....", she had a sly smile on her lips; "...I give you my sister?"
The blonde looked with big eyes at her friend. "Your sister?", she said and gulped. "I thought we said that family was off limits?"
"Yeah. It was, but this morning she was acting like a total jerk to me. But maybe she will be a better person with you inside of her", the brunette giggled.
"Will you skip using a skin suit then, and be my little brother?", the blonde said and raised an eyebrow.
"Nah, that won´t be any fun. But I will let you decide who out of her boyfriend Jack or her best friend Jasmine to use as a suit".
The blonde smiled and nodded. "A tough choice indeed"

tisdag 8 januari 2019

To be or not to be...

"To be or not to be...

...trapped in that infernal skull." 

Mortimer stared hatefully at his former prison.
"That old fool thought I could be contained. That old fool thought I would never be able to get out. But I beat his curse", Mortimer said, hissing the last part.
"It took five decades of careful unthreading and reforming his magic. After that I just had to wait for another vessel to appear and lift up my prison, enabling me to flow over".

Mortimer too further stock of his new body. "And luckily for me women of this age are allowed seats of power. For a moment I was afraid I had been granted a bad gift when I saw what kind of vessel I had been given. Then her memories told me that beautiful women can achieve many things just by luring men and entrapping them to their will. Imagine what I can do with magic that can enhance my so called "game"", he snickered. "Men will have no chance standing up against my feminine charms".

"Victoria! I´m home!", he heard someone call out from inside the mansion.
Mortimer gave the skull one last last look of hateful disdain before finally crushing it to fine dust with his dainty hand.
´Victoria´ brushed away the dust from ´her´ clothes and gave herself a look in the mirror. She looked stunning and she felt truly  satisfied about it. Before walking out to greet her very dear husband she blew a kiss to her mirror image and said:
"Let the Great Charade begin"

söndag 6 januari 2019

Short story: Wake Up

Martin opened up his eyes.
"I´m not at home anymore", he gasped.
 He sat up in bed and checked out if his possession spell had worked.



James and Rick squealed in delight seeing that their possession spell had worked perfectly, sending them into the hottest seniors at school. 
They had decided beforehand to roleplay as Camille and as Laura if the possession worked, and later on become more adventurous as the day progressed. As two freshmen without girlfriends they were extremely curious on what the female body had to offer.

One thing after another

"Listen up Greg! Focus!"
"If you want to be able to keep my job until we can find a way to change back you must learn these things I`m teaching you".

"I can´t fucking take it anymore! Your co-workers either gossips me to death or stare at my...your body. My stomach feels like shit and I´m in a terrible mood! Just kill me already...", Greg lamented.

Jenny glanced at her calendar. Yup, as luck would have it Greg was about to experience his first menstruation.
She  felt sorry for him, even though at the same time she found it useful to have him experience womanhood to the fullest. Perhaps he would become more understanding of her when they finally switched back.

No Bra Club

 It started out as an ironic gag. Guys wearing the No Bra Club t-shirt. Brett and Marcus thought it was hilarious.
Up until an angry woman went up in their faces and berated them for their poor taste.

 They told her to chill down. It was just a joke. Their response just seemed to fuel her angriness even more.
"If you want to get into the so called "club" that much, I will gladly help you", she fumed. She pointed her finger at them and whispered strange words under her breath.

The both men felt their bodies convolute and change, their clothes becoming way tighter than before.
"There!", the woman gloated to them, before disappearing. "Much more fitting bodies for your fashion sense"
Brittany and Marcia stood there dumbstruck, conflicted by all the exotic sensations their new female bodies gave them.